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We are delighted to offer to our customers high quality reburbished tools.

All of our reburbished products come with a full (1) year warranty for peace of mind.

 Why buy a reconditioned tool? The biggest reason is money.

The prices you pay for a Bosch reconditioned tool is significantly lower than retail,

even though (in most cases) the tool is practically indistinguishable from a brand new one.

Many of these items were overstock,damaged packaging or,

used once and returned to the store for a refund by people who had that intention in advance.

A factory reconditioned tool has been thoroughly inspected and repaired if necessary to meet all factory specifications.

Here at Deiter's Tool & Saw Service we take this one step further by implementing our own rigorous set of tests to ensure the tool you are getting functions as well as a new one out of the box.

 Deiter’s Tool and Saw Service Ltd always make sure to provide customers with good savings and a full  (1) Year warranty.

We offer the Best Value in Town.

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